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Twitter: @EdgeworthArtist

Edgeworth Johnstone, born Brussels 1977, lives in London.

Selected Exhibitions:
2014: Our Friend Larionov. Pushkin House, London, UK. Group exhibition.
2010: No Soul For Sale. Tate Modern, London, UK. Group exhibition.
2010: Hay Festival of Literature and Art. Powys, Wales. Group exhibition.
2009: Stuck in Wood Green. Wood Green flat, London, UK. Group exhibition.

Selected Publications:
2014: Mungbeing. Pelekinesis, with Pencil Tenet, Inc.
2012: 20×20 magazine. 20×20.
2012: Bagazine 5. X-ray Boook Co.
2011: 100 Artists’ Manifestos. Co-written manifesto. Penguin Modern Classics.
2010: Everything #2. The Museum of Everything.
2010: Stuck Near Tate Modern. Victoria Press.
2010: Bagazine 4. X-ray Boook Co.

Public Collections:
The Museum of Everything.

Plays in the band, Elbow Sisters.

Interview by Art and Design Films (2011):